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“Live fast, die young, be wild and have fun” — Lana Del Rey, “Ride”

– Secretly addicted to vanilla Swiss almond ice cream

– Gets his haircut every 12 days

– Prefers sunrises over sunsets any day of the week

Our boy Andrew may have rock hard abs, but he’s got a heart of gold. On top of training, he’s also passionate about changing people’s lives for the better in the form of helping the elderly and children with disabilities with their fitness goals (we’re not crying, you’re crying). He’s a goal setter, but also a go-with-the-flow kinda guy… you know, the kind who just wants to be free, to have fun and to listen to feel-good music (mostly house). He gets high off energy from other people, so leave that negative shit at the door and bring those good vibes to his Drop classes so y’all can hang loose together in the Drop Room.