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“Down for whatever, I’m a mad one. Yeah, I’m getting in the zone” – Jauz, “In the Zone”

– Can sprint 14

– Studied journalism, cosmetics and hairdressing

– Girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet

Here’s what you need to know about Chelsea: our girl has a sexy, raspy voice. You’ll come to appreciate it when she’s yelling at you to do one more round of 30 second uppercut burnouts, because hey! At least it sounds good. She’s a serious fitness junkie who wants to spend every spare moment she has working out. Fun fact: She signed up for the Scotiabank marathon the night before it happened and completed it with ease. But our girl also knows the importance of relaxation, which to her, includes a bubble bath, face mask, eating food (preferably Portland Variety’s cookies) and spending time with her parents (d’aww). Oh, and as much as this small town girl loves country music (and wearing daisy dukes), she’s also into electronic, deep house and hip-hop, like Lane 8, Kid Kudi, Flume, Zhu, G-Eazy, The Game and anything  Anjuna. Aside from that, Chelsea is a goofball, but also works hard af, and will expect you to do the same in the Drop room. She may crack a few jokes here and there, but then it’s back to business (and one more round of 30 second uppercut burnouts).