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“It was all a dream.” — Notorious B.I.G., “Juicy”

– Can stop a baby from crying by rapping

– Has his own clothing line, be well.

– Father to Dolce Rafael Simba Parchment (his Goldendoodle)

Dustin says he’s the shy, nervous one, but really, he’s got some sort of magnetism to him that just draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Truly, our boy is a people person, and his wife describes him as the “neighbourhood celebrity.” He’s passionate about helping others and just wants to help people achieve their dreams and reach their goals, like assisting soccer moms who want to lift heavy sh*t (his words, not ours). Dustin himself is pretty good at lifting heavy sh*t and doing crazy tricks like one-handed handstands (check his Insta for proof). He’s been active since a young age having started karate at age six, and later dabbling in hockey and lacrosse. But it was boxing (which he first tried at age 12) which really captured his heart, and he went on to compete in a few amateur fights. Dustin brings that expertise along with his positive energy and fun-loving nature to the Drop room so you can sweat well and be well.