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New Members+Visitors


We want to make your first boxing experience a positive one. The DROP BEGINNER CLASS is a 60-minute DROP HIIT Class that will slow down our regular 50-minute class to focus on the 6 commonly used punches and what to expect in a DROP fitness class and to take a little extra time between each round to explain the common exercises used in classes.

The Focus:

-The jab (1), the straight (2), front hook (3), back hook (4), front uppercut (5) and back uppercut (6)

-Boxing stance for orthodox/south paw

-Throwing basic/intro combinations.

-A slower/gentler approach to our regular classes 

By the end of this class, you will have full awareness of what to expect in our regular HIIT classes.


Are the classes for beginners or experienced boxers?

The DROP class is for everyone. We have light weights to very heavy weights for everyone to choose from. All of the exercises can be modified  and everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace. Our trainers are true professionals that will guide you through the rounds of boxing starting from the easier 1-2 punch combos to a little more challenging 6 punch combos. No fears Champ, we’re in your corner. 

What time should I arrive for my first class?

We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes early before your first class. This will allow you to meet with our awesome front desk staff. They will show you where you will be starting in the class through our online class map. They will also give you a quick tour of the studio, showing you where our lockers are so that you can safely lock your belongings. The Instructor will call everyone in 5 minutes before the class starts to run through THE 6IX PUNCHES.

What should I wear? Shoes? Gloves? Wraps?

Come in your most comfortable gear but get ready to sweat in it.

SHOES? Wear your most comfortable training kicks. 

GLOVES? We got you covered for your first timers package. Our gloves are available for rent ($2) after your first class package runs out. Our Drop Gloves go through an extensive cleaning process to ensure their supreme freshness just for you.

WRAPS? Wraps are mandatory to wear under your gloves. This is to protect your knuckles and wrists upon impact with the bag. For hygienic purposes, everyone must wear their own wraps. Don’t own any? No worries we have Gel Quickwraps ($15) and Cloth Wraps ($12) available for purchase at the front desk.

Do you have water?

You might get thirsty during those 10 rounds in the Drop Room. We have a filtered water bottle filling station in the studio for you to refill your bottle. If you forgot your bottle at home we have water bottles available for you too ($3).

How do I schedule a rehabilitation appointment?

We are working on making this a simpler step for you online. For now, simply choose the treatment you would like to receive and choose from the available times found online – just as you would schedule for a class. Alternatively, you can call in to our front desk and schedule your appointment with our front desk associate.

What should I wear for my rehabilitation appointment?

We provide our rehabilitation services in a communal space that is shared with other practitioners and patients. The purpose of this is to create an interdisciplinary environment for clients to maximize on all available services. For this reason, we recommend that every patient brings a set of fitted shorts and a loose sleeveless shirt and/or sports bra to wear during their appointment.