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“The only real change comes from inside.” — J. Cole, “Change”

– Loves solo travel

– Literally always has a craving for sushi

– Has been a yogi for nearly a decade

Odeta’s a fighter, plain and simple. She previously overcame an eating disorder, which is what sparked her current passion for fitness and nutrition. Now, she’s dedicated to helping other people learn to work with their bodies instead of working against them, advocating for body positivity, self-love, and bad-assery. This Albanian-born babe has always been athletic — she’s done everything from cheerleading and cross country to volleyball and basketball. Fitness wise, she loves pretty much every single exercise out there, and loves to focus on functional strength and conditioning in her training. Her musical tastes are just as diverse, ranging from hip-hop and R&B to deep house and trance, and everything in between. Expect high energy and variety in Odeta’s classes that’ll leave you feeling your best physically and mentally. Oh, and be warned, Odeta is very loud (blame her Balkan genes), but it’ll be the kind of intensity you never knew you needed.